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Appreciating ART

Posted: January 6, 2017 by aawraa in Philosophy

These days whatever your ART is, it all boils down to whether it makes huge chunk of money or not. Bollywood fraternity has to wait for Sairaat movie to reach 100cr mark to know Nagaraj Manjule’s greatness as a story teller.

Not just Bollywood, It’s freaking everywhere and has to change.

Fermi Paradox resolved

Posted: December 3, 2016 by aawraa in Philosophy

The reason we didn’t find any aliens who we can talk to yet is because all are on EARTH itself.

Most of the animals could have flourished as prominent species on some other planet. Think about dogs, they are fucking here since 35 thousand years – should have invented a language to speak by now. But they are like, “बचा हुआ खानेको मिल रहा है ना” without doing anything.

Someone rightly said that Basic Income (be it money or food) makes us unambitious about the future.

One needs to know when to stop! I mean doing something in order to achieve something is fine because that’s how life works. But once you achieve something, you want something more, and more and more. The simple example would be BigB – I personally think that he has achieved enough in his life and he should have a rest now. As someone said, “Making a mark is way more difficult than creating a world” and that’s what making BigB engaged even after achieving things that most people can not even dream about. When Steve Jobs was died, people thought that there won’t be another Jobs. But soon we looked up to Elon Musk as a next Jobs. Nowadays, people do not even say that because he is not Jobs, he is more than that. There will be someone who will be more extraordinary than him in future. But that’s not the point.

The point is, “someone else is dreaming to live your life”. So appreciate what you have.

Every decision benefits someone

Posted: November 17, 2016 by aawraa in Philosophy

“Every decision benefits someone”.
If you follow that LAW then there was/is/will be nothing wrong with the world

Be gentle

Posted: October 29, 2016 by aawraa in Funny, Philosophy

So this Ola driver was rash driving, beeping intermittently at bikes ahead, pulling over cars just to shout at them in return. On the other hand, I was quietly watching all this without any opinion or anger.

Eventually he asked me, “आप इतना शांत क्यों है Enjoy करो!!”
I said, “दुसरो को तकलीफ देने से अच्छाही है ना?” and I hope he will understand his mistakes.

Dissecting a troll

Posted: October 17, 2016 by aawraa in Philosophy, Sarcasm

When you have an opinion on something, you become a philosopher. But when you believe your opinion is the only one that matters, you become a troll.

If our universe is an HTML document then one of the

elements in it is our galaxy.
If the texts inside the <div> element are various planets/moons then EARTH is one of the characters.
And we are mere pixels making up the character.